PJ Image Inspector v2.0
I do really need feedback right now. So please give it to me. Contact me via PJ or Email, as you wish.
TODO: Usage readme.
See changelog and roadmap at changelog.txt.
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Drag-n-drop area
Dimensions: {{result.width}} × {{result.height}}
File type: {{result.fileType | uppercase}} ({{result.indexed ? 'indexed' : 'truecolor'}})
File size: {{(result.fileSize / 1024) | number:2}} kB
Animated: {{(result.animated ? "Yes" : "No") }}
Number of colors: {{result.colorsCount}}
Number of frames: {{results.frames.length}}
{{result.forceFrame === -1 ? "Pause" : "Play" }}
{{numericAlign(result.forceFrame === -1 ? result.frame + 1 : result.forceFrame + 1, result.frameCount)}}/{{result.frameCount}}
Playback speed %:
Usage Hex A {{header}}
{{getPercentage(color.count, result)}}
{{getPercentage(color.count, result)}}
# #{{color.hex}} {{getAlphaPercent(color.color).toString()}}% 100% transparent {{channel.value}}
Download files:
Common settings
Position of zoom buttons:
Color space:
Transparency background: TODO
Highlighting options
Highlighting color:
# Change highlighted color
Background color:
# Change background color
Background color transparency: %
Image Inspector v2. Made by Yanrishatum. Feel free to send me a message with comments, suggestions or bugs.
You can contact me via krabanek@gmail.com.
Frontend basis by Blueberry_pie (v1 design, angularjs basis).
Original concept by Hatch.