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About me

Name: Pavel Alexandrov
Internet handle: Yanrishatum
Shorthand: Soup
Profession: Programmer
Occupation: RoboTec, 08Games

Why, hello there! Me being russian programmer/gamer. And me be speak english. Just kidding, I can speak english normally. Welcome to my purple-colored lair.

Featured projects
Pocket Kingdom
Puzzle Game December 2016
Role: Programmer.
Puzzle, platformer, 2D, pixelart.
Available on Steam iOS Android by 08Games
HTML5 Game May 2017
Role: Programmer.
Small music-focused game made in collaboration with Shess. Originally intended for game music jam. Music by Sands.
Available on HTML5 by Shess and Soup
Stealth Game In development
Role: Programmer.
Stealth, platformer, 2D, pixelart.
Find news at   Patreon by 08Games
Rhythm Game December 2017
Role: Programmer.
Rhythm game made for Ludum Dare gamejam 40 with Shess and Scarlet.
Available on HTML5 by Shess, Scarlet and Soup
Visual Novel February 2016 Russian only
Role: Programmer.
Small visual novel made with Shess.
Also music makes my ears bleed. Shess, pls don't ask that musician to do music ever again, thank you.
Available on VK/Flash by Shess, THAT musician and Soup

Languages/frameworks proficiency:

High: Haxe, pure Javascript (+html/css)

Medium: Ruby-Rails, PHP, Java, C#

Low: AS3, C/C++, Python, Lua


Apps, software, libraries

Advanced Image Specs Tool (+v2) - Pixel art tool for inspection of image palettes.

[RU] White Backwater - Role-Playing chat. Server's dead for a several years already, don't have time to rewrite it.

HaxeFoundation/format - Implementation of GIF and TGA file format support.

format-tiled - Tiled editor format support without framework dependencies.

Less notable stuff

BuildConfig - Allows inlining of configuration files into code directly on compilation time.

texgen_hx - Port of texgen.js to Haxe. Quite outdated. Pure haxe STD. Extremely outdated!

YAGP - OpenFL-locked GIF parser and player. It works better than haxe-gif, at least.

DS3 SoulMatching range calculator - Probably outdated in terms of actual ranges.

Le Memes extension; Minimalistic storage for text/image memes. Firefox, Chrome.


Pew-Pew Invaders - jam game made with Phoenix849

SHENZHEN I/O solitaire port to JS.


Deathball - Luxe port of Phoenix849s Deathball game. Sound warning, if loads broken - mouse over game window and reload.

Snake - Incomplete, art by Mrmo Tarius, sorry I don't have time to even finish a prototype : (

Mode7-esque thing - Is a one quad shader experiment.

Contact info

Github: Yanrishatum

Telegram: @Yanrishatum

Twitter: @Yanrishatum

Steam: Yanrishatum


Discord: (you guessed it) @Yanrishatum

Pretty much dead and hard to contact with but if you're into that:

Vkontakte: Yanrishatum